Our top priority is to meet our clients’ needs with the highest quality work around. We don’t wait to be asked to do things – we’re thinking about ways to add value for our clients every single day.


The foundation of any legislative success is a well-developed strategy. We work with our clients through the process of defining objectives, formulating a winning message, identifying allies and obstacles, forging alliances, and implementing the path to victory. From the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act to Supreme Court and Cabinet confirmation battles to never-easy-to-pass immigration legislation, we have a track record of crafting strategies for success.

Shoe Leather Lobbying

Even the most elegantly crafted legislative strategy will fail without a dedication of resources to the hard work of “walking the halls of Congress” to gather intelligence and advocate a position. We have been doing this for two decades, and have the breadth and depth of relationships which are essential for effective advocacy.

Hearing Preparation

Congressional hearings are a high-stakes communication scenario unlike any other. With more theater and unpredictability than a legal proceeding and less messenger control than a press conference, hearings provide both an opportunity and a challenge. We have successfully assisted Cabinet officials, judicial nominees, and senior corporate executives in preparing for hearings, and we have sat on the other side of the dais counseling the members of the Committee on the lines of questioning to pursue. We bring both perspectives to the table when assisting our clients in preparing for Congressional hearings and briefings.



“Not everyone in Washington, when you deal with them, is above board and plays it straight. … She was a huge asset to the administration. Charm helps, and she has it.”

Preet Bharara
US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and former Chief Counsel to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

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